What to Expect

Travelling to Bequia has often been described as part of the appeal for many of our guests; peel away from the crowds in Barbados as your little aircraft skims the clouds towards the Grenadines. 

In the interest of national health and safety, the Government of St. Vincent & The Grenadines have implemented requirements for all travellers. 

Bequia Beach Hotel is a Ministry of Health approved 'Bubble Resort' property, the Hotel now also has a private lab on property fully authorised for PCR & antigen exit testing.

See Travel Guidelines & Requirements for further details.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Before You Travel

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Please note updates herein, with differing protocols for unvaccinated guests and guests who are deemed fully vaccinated. > See Further information

  • A Negative PCR COVID-19 Test certificate is required (taken within 3 days of arrival whether transiting via Barbados to Bequia or flying straight to St. Vincent)
  • All travellers must submit a Pre-Arrival form 24 hours prior to arrival to St. Vincent & The Grenadines
  • Travellers transiting through Barbados must also submit a Pre-Arrival Form 24 hours prior (Link to Official Guidelines)
We ask guests to complete our own Pre-arrival Check-in Form to allow for pre-clearance with Health ministries and fast-tracking check-in.

Upon Arrival

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Fully vaccinated guests will NO longer need to be rapid tested on-arrival, there is no mandatory quarantine.

Any accompanying unvaccinated persons or unvaccinated children 5-18 years old must undergo an on-arrival rapid test (USD 55.00 pp); a negative test within 20mins will clear them of quarantine requirements. 

For unvaccinated guests, an ‘On-Arrival’ Rapid test (USD 55.00) will be arranged and conducted by our lab located at the hotel is required to enter into Phase 2. 

  • Upon landing at Bequia airport, a nurse will be present and assist in the compulsory health assessment
  • You will be met & greeted by our staff at the airport and escorted to the hotel
For arrivals to St. Vincent airport, please contact us and our team will assist with transportation to take the ferry to Bequia

At the Hotel

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Fully Vaccinated Guests do not need to quarantine & there are no restrictions, the same will apply to accompanying unvaccinated persons once cleared by an on-arrival rapid test conducted by a nurse.
Unvaccinated guests at the Hotel follow a phased Government-approved protocol, transitioning through phases via testing. 

  • In public areas, please use a face mask/covering and hand sanitisation provided 
  • From 'Phase 2' you may use the property’s beach, swim in the sea & beach loungers that will be designated for your use only, you can take walks in our garden
  • Please refrain from any close interaction with anyone outside your personal bubble and maintain a safe physical distance of 2m from other guests or staff

Phase 1 (unvaccinated)

Hotel Room
  • You and others in your personal bubble must remain in your designated room
  • We are unable to welcome you to the Bar, Restaurants & Spa
  • In-Room Dining service will be provided for all meals / drinks / special requests, menus will be available in your room. 

An ‘On-Arrival’ Rapid test (at additional cost) will be arranged and conducted by a nurse at the hotel. 

Once you & your bubble’s negative arrival test results are confirmed to us, you will enter into Phase 2.

Phase 2 (unvaccinated)

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  • You and others in your personal bubble must remain on the Hotel property.
  • We can now welcome you to the Bar, Restaurants and Spa
  • You can use the property’s beach, swim in the sea & beach loungers that will be designated for your use only, you can take walks in our garden

On Day 4-5 after arrival, guests will be re-tested (rapid test available at additional cost) , once you & your bubble’s negative test results are confirmed, you will enter into phase 3.

Phase 3 (unvaccinated)

After the Day 5 test results return negative, guests are free to move around the island. Please contact Guest Services to enquire about excursions. 

  • Our sister restaurant Jack’s Beach Bar on Princess Margaret Beach is available. Guests are asked to remain in their personal bubble whilst enjoying the beach.
  • Land tours will be conducted with approved open-back taxis and you are asked to wear their mask throughout the trip.


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  • If a PCR / Antigen 'Exit Test' is required for transit through Barbados, St. Lucia or to return home, the hotel will be happy to arrange this. 
  • This PCR or Antigen test can now be conducted by our trained and Government authorised lab on property [Bequia Healing Center]