Bequia Beach Hotel & it's group partners uphold a firm commitment to sustainable & responsible hospitality.

We care for our guests. We care for the island and the prosperity of the people of Bequia.  We care for St. Vincent & the Grenadines where our property is located. And most importantly, and we care for the planet we all live in.

Committed to delivering the best of service while keeping our environment clean and sustainable, we integrated a number of environmental measures and adopted the best sustainable practices & green initiatives to ensure Bequia Beach Hotel is an eco-minded luxury hotel.

The hotel’s role in the island community is at the forefront of owner Bengt Mortstedt. Throughout construction and design phases sustainable building practices have been used by sharing of skills, knowledge as well as processes put in place to ensure the hotel has a positive environmental impact:
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Destination Awareness & Workforce

  • Purchase locally sourced sustainable produce, using local fisherman & growers, encouraging Caribbean cuisine.
  • Support & encouragement to use local-owned business & culture; taxis, diving, bars, restaurants.
  • Employer of Vincentian staff in all areas, front of house, back of house & management positions.
  • Health & Safety, employee training, employee satisfaction, community engagement
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Water Conservation

  • With no municipal supply in Bequia, water is a precious resource, Bequia Beach Hotel uses rainwater collection & an advanced water management plan.
  • Water tanks under buildings store up to 2 million liters of rainwater, providing the hotel with an eco-friendly clean supply.
  • Bathrooms utilise ‘low-flush’ technology to reduce water consumption drastically.
  • Well water & grey water reused for gardening purposes
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Environmental Awareness

  • Maintain awareness among our team members, guests on environmental issues & local culture & surroundings.
  • Green initiatives implemented at the hotel and workplace.
  • No waste water is discharged into the Sea
  • Waste foods used for composting
  • Organic herb, vegetable garden & fruit trees picked daily by chefs to serve the restaurant.
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Energy Use Reduction

  • Ceiling insulation improves efficiency of in-room air conditioning, reducing electricity consumption. A/C sensors on balcony doors.
  • Use of energy-saving light bulbs, regulators & eco-friendly power efficient electronics where possible
  • Use of rainwater collection, not reliant on power-draining desalination plants.
  • Roof panels used to help power the hot water system
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Waste Reduction

  • Filtration systems turn rainwater into drinking water thus reducing single use plastic bottle dependency
  • Participate in, fund plastic reduction & bottle recycling programmes
  • Reduce & recycle waste & ‘repair rather than replace’ mantra
  • Emphasis to reduce use of single-use plastics in favour of biodegradable materials
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Charity & Development

  • The group proudly supports a number of local charities, schools & initiatives to better the prosperity of the people of Bequia and the island.
  • As one of the largest employers on the island, Bequia Beach Hotel contributes significantly to the island economy,
  • Emphasis on sustainable employment, future prospects & education
  • Respect national labour laws and regulations