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Bequia Beach Hotel upholds a commitment to sustainable & responsible tourism which benefits not only our guests but also the island and it’s people. As one of the largest employers on the small island, Bequia Beach Hotel contributes significantly to the island economy, directly & indirectly, providing employment, future prospects & education.

‘Repair rather than replace’

The hotel’s role in the island community is at the forefront of owner Bengt Mortstedt, throughout construction and design phases sustainable building practices have been used, sharing of skills knowledge as well as processes put in place to ensure the hotel has a positive environmental impact:

  • Locally sourced sustainable produce, using local fisherman & growers, encouraging Caribbean cuisine.
  • Support & encouragement to use local-owned businesses; taxis, diving, bars, restaurants etc.
  • Employer of local island staff in all areas, front of house, back of house & management.
  • Conserve natural resources such as water through rainwater collection & water management system (some 2 million liters capacity in ~ 40 tanks),
  • Filtration systems turning rainwater into drinking water thus reducing plastic bottle dependency.
  • Solar panels used to power the hot water system, grey water reused for gardening purposes & all toilets use ‘low-flush’ technology to reduce water
    consumption drastically.
  • Use of insulation in ceilings to improve efficiency of air conditioning units, thus significantly reducing electricity consumption.
  • Reduce & recycle waste wear possible & ‘repair rather than replace’ ethos.
  • Use of energy-saving light bulbs & low consumption electronics where possible.
  • Use of Vincentian-based locally owned saw mills to produce all wooden doors, windows & frames.

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