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Travel to bequia

Bequia, the Caribbean’s Best-Kept Secret, exclusively accessible

Bequia, part of the stunning island chain 'The Grenadines' is located in the unspoilt Southern Caribbean. 

Arriving to Bequia is always special whether by air transfer, private yacht or ferry.

You may notice few or no flight options when searching typical booking sites. Rest assured there are several options for same-day arrival to Bequia.

We recommend guests to transfer to Bequia via Barbados or St. Lucia with our own Bequia Air shuttle service enabling same-day arrival – both islands served by daily international flights from London, New York, Toronto, Miami, Atlanta.

  • Alternatively fly to St. Vincent, served by weekly flights from Miami, Toronto & New York and take the ferry to Bequia
  • Private Charter from Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada, Martinique etc. 

Our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you with your travel plans & book inter-island transfers.

Bequia Air

Bequia Air VIP Transfers

In exclusive partnership with Bequia Air, Bequia Beach Hotel guests can now enjoy a seamless transfer experience from Barbados & Saint Lucia direct to the Hotel.

Experience Bequia Beach Hotel's chartered flights on Bequia Air’s dedicated 9-seat King Air B200, with the guest-only VIP Transfer add-on package available 17 November 2021 - 17 April 2022. 

> See Flight Calendar

Offering a luxury private aircraft experience with flight times up to 50% faster between Bequia & Barbados. The aircraft is also available for Private Flights on demand.

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Flights to Bequia operate only during the daytime (sunrise to sunset). 

In the event that your international flight is delayed or lands too late for take-off to meet Bequia’s airport sunset closure,
overnight at our sister hotel Grenadine House in St. Vincent, or Barbados.

Fly in style & enjoy a luxury aircraft experience with our VIP Transfer on Bequia Air from Barbados or St.Lucia including ground transfers, meet & greet services
Available seasonally, see for availability
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Inter-island flights from Barbados are also available via Grenadines Air Alliance.

We recommend checking the arrival time of your international flight to Barbados to ensure it allows sufficient time for the connection to Bequia.

Contact our knowledgeable team to assist you with your travel plans and book inter-island transfers or private charter.

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Direct Flights to Barbados



Travel from St Lucia to Bequia

From 16 November 2022, our own VIP Transfers with Bequia Air will be available once-weekly (Wednesdays) for guests to transit from St. Lucia. 

Benefits include pre-clearance of Bequia immigration and customs in St. Lucia, a shorter 15 minute flight and better landing times with British Airways from London, easing same-day transfer to Bequia prior to sunset. 

See our VIP Transfer Availability Calendar
We recommend checking the arrival time of your international flight to St. Lucia to ensure it allows sufficient time for the connection to Bequia.

Contact us to assist you with your travel plans and book inter-island transfers or private charter.



Direct to St. Vincent

If arriving direct to St Vincent, contact us to arrange ground transportation from airport to the ferry terminal in Kingstown and on Bequia. 

The ferry to Bequia takes 1 hour arriving into Port Elizabeth. Upon arrival a taxi will whisk you to the hotel. Should your flight land too late in order to catch the last ferry to Bequia, our sister hotel Grenadine House is available.

Virgin Atlantic's flight from London to St. Vincent

Virgin's flight to St. Vincent from London stops in Barbados prior to continuing on Wednesdays & Sundays. 

Same-day connection to Bequia via the ferry is possible however not guaranteed due to passenger processing times at St. Vincent airport, we recommend an overnight stay at Grenadine House before continuing to Bequia the next morning.


Barbados to Bequia

Passengers landing in Barbados should proceed to the doors marked ‘Connecting Flights’

In most cases there will be a representative standing in front of the immigration hall with a board with names, present yourself and you will be escorted to the check-in counter. 

Despite not staying in Barbados, a completed immigration / customs form is required at the transit check in. 

You will be asked for a description of your luggage & luggage receipts to help the handlers identify and load onto the Bequia leg. 

Proceed through a security check and go directly to gate 9 (located in a separate building) in preparation of boarding the flight (55 mins).

The shared charter aircraft are 18 seat Twin Otters, upon boarding larger carry-ons may be stored in the hold or under the seats at the rear of the aircraft.
on arrival to Bequia make sure you pick up all your carry-on luggage.
Label & tie brightly coloured ribbons to your luggage to help the handlers to identify them.
Take a photo on your mobile phone of your luggage before check in & luggage receipts.

Pack any necessary items into your carry-on if your international flight is late and your luggage does not make it with your flight, 
(sundry items, medication, beachwear, flip flops, a pair of swimming trunks/bikini etc!)


KLM & Eurowings (Lufthansa) offer 3x direct flights per week to Barbados from Amsterdam & Frankfurt respectively, however they land a little late for the connection to Bequia the same day, requiring an overnight in Barbados.

Europe to Bequia Daily

British Airways' recent schedule changes for the BA255 from Heathrow to Barbados now allows for early morning connections enabling same-day arrival to Bequia from Europe's largest cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Milan, Rome, Stockholm, Zurich & Vienna. 

Landing conveniently at 15:25 in Barbados which is ample time to connect to Bequia before the airport's sunset closure. The BA255 service runs daily.

Contact Bequia Beach Hotel to book your inter-island air transfers from Barbados to Bequia with SVG Air or our VIP Transfer service with Bequia Air.

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