Barbados - Bequia Twin Centre Holiday

Friday, 19 June 2020 Author: BBH
babados beach
Dispel the myth that all Caribbean islands are the same and experience multiple islands on the same trip! Why not combine a stay in glitzy Barbados with the Caribbean’s best-kept secret; Bequia.

A two-centre holiday with Barbados & Bequia offers you the experience of two very contrasting but beautiful islands. Barbados with its rich heritage, platinum coast, hustle & bustle, leave the crowds behind and go back in time in little Bequia with it’s unspoilt charm and stunning scenery.

Bequia’s anonymity has its advantages. On an island where there’s no traffic or daily newspaper, no casinos or mega-resorts, you feel almost like a pioneer in Paradise, a welcome visitor to a destination that’s remote enough to be truly relaxing yet offers so much to do. It only took a four-day visit for me to fall in love with one of my now favorite islands. -

How do you get from Barbados to Bequia?

Simply fly into Barbados and spend a few nights; choose any of the fantastic hotels and resorts available before making the seamless 30 min flight with Bequia Air and stay at Bequia Beach Hotel.

Unlike in some other parts of the Caribbean, you never feel hassled by anyone and our island is very safe. Though Bequia is tiny, it’s very cosmopolitan. The guy sitting next to you in the bar may be a billionaire, but you won’t know it because he’ll be in T-shirt and shorts.The Telegraph

Whether a week, 10 nights or a fortnight, a Barbados-Bequia twin centre is the perfect opportunity to combine two Caribbean islands into one unforgettable holiday.

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