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Model Boat Builders Bequia

Boat-building as an industry has existed on Bequia as far back as the 1800s. At one point, the island was even known as the “boat-building capital of the West Indies,” having produced the largest wooden vessel in the region. While construction has slowed over time, it still occurs—albeit on a much smaller scale—at places like Sargeant Brothers Model Boat Shop, just up the road from the ferry landing in Port Elizabeth, where Benson Phillips and other craftsmen make and sell their models. Handcrafted using hand planes, chisels, and carving knives, their boats are incredibly detailed and realistic. Choose from whale boats, sailboats, power boats, and wooden schooners, or commission Phillips to build a custom model of your own yacht. (AFAR)

One famous owner of a Sargeant Brothers model is none other than Queen Elizabeth II, having been gifted a model of The Royal Yacht Britannia on 27 October 1985 when visiting Bequia as part of the Official Tour of the Caribbean. [Read More]