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Bequia Heritage Museum Grenadines

Discover Bequia's proud seafaring heritage at the Bequia Heritage Museum overlooking Friendship Bay. Made up of two buildings with interrelated exhibits, the spacious, airy Boat Museum explores Bequia’s famed maritime history, including boat-and shipbuilding and whaling. It also includes a traditional Amerindian dug-out canoe, there to represent the mode of transport and migration of indigenous people who settled and lived both in Bequia and, more broadly, in the region as a whole going back thousands of years.

Next door, the newly completed air-conditioned Annexe, with its fine display of Amerindian pottery and artefacts almost all found on Bequia, together with a selection of items dating from the European period of Bequia’s settlement, including a collection of bottles retrieved from Admiralty Bay, expands on and completes the unique arc of Bequia’s 1700 year history.

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